New songs and spoken word live on StattBild.

Vielen dank an Tim Beyer!

End of 2011 update

Holy cow. It's been a crazy couple of months. So much has happened and continues to roll on into 2012. In November I had the fantastic privilege to play the B Flat in Berlin with the amazing Ernesto Schnack. Ernesto even recorded the show and you can listen to my set here!

Joe Czarnecki Live at B-Flat 20.11.11 by joe czarnecki

I've also delved into something totally new. This last August I started writing, a lot. Some wonderful things have come out of it, one of which I've recorded and put up on bandcamp. It's a really special piece and I'm very happy with it. There is more experimentation going on with more spoken word and I'm thinking about incorporating it into my next Album, but more on that later. First, here's "To Build a Spine"

But the real excitement is yet to come. I've started recording material for a new EP I'm planning on releasing in the spring. I've got some very nice new songs and a few surprises I'm working on for it. The first "single" will be "Columns of Gold". I've got a newly recorded version that is becoming quite a beautiful piece of music. I'm talking to some other musicians and would like to have a lot of guests play on the album. I'm really excited about it and will keep you updated as it progresses.

Also a man by the name of Icarus Black has appeared mysteriously with some beautiful guitar music for a short film by Schizoframe 36 for the Red Bull 12 to 12 film contest. He saved my life that night.

Die Sammlerin from Tom Wiedemann on Vimeo.

There will also be a short film made for "Columns of Gold" early next year that we will need your help with, so stay tuned this week for an update on that. So until then I wish everyone happy Holidays and a magic and golden New Year!


Columns of Gold and November shows

I've got a new song coming out on the upcoming Goldrausch Records / Kauf Dich Glucklich sampler coming out later this year. Columns of Gold has become my new favorite piece to play, I guess that's normal for any new piece but I find this one quite hypnotic and delightful. I hope you enjoy it as well

November Poster

Poster November Kügelbahn Wedding and B FlatKügelbahn Wedding FB EventB Flat FB Event

Broken elbow, Bob Dylan and B Flat

broken elbowWell it's been an interesting week for me. On Wednesday the 5th I slipped on some muck in the road and my bike slipped out from under me. I landed on my right elbow and fractured it. Needless to say my ability to play guitar is, well, handicapped. The cast comes off this week andI'm really looking forward to playing again.

lady-layAnd... I've been asked by the English Theater Berlin to play Bob Dylan in a play called Lady Lay. I'm really excited about this totally new opportunity to try something new musically as well as to act for the first time. I've been soaking up as much Dylan as I can in preparation. Rehearsals start monday the 17th and the play will start on November 22nd.

Finally, I'll be playing B Flat again on the 20th of November. It's always a pleasure for me to play there. This time the fantastic Ernesto Schnack will be joining me. We did a show together in August at Madame Claude's and had a great time. We'll be working out a few more songs together and might come up with a surprise or two for you. So be sure to mark it on your calendars!

Thanks Sweeden!

Thanks to everyone who helped make my Sweeden experience so great. I had a beautiful time at the Live at Heart Festival and got to hear and meet some great performers as well.

Here's a video of "An Ascertion of Certainty" from the St. Nikolai Kyrka.

Sweden, here I come!

I'm excited to be heading to sweeden this weekend to play the Live at Heart Festival in Örebro. It's my first time up north and I'm really looking forward to it.

16.09.2011 - Örebro, Sweden

Live at Heart Festival

20:00 - S:t Nikolai Kyrka

22:00 - Rock Bar

My Mother's Horses


GayeLynn Czarnecki August 5th 1956 - Sept. 15th 2002

Yesterday was my mother's Birthday. She would have been 55. She passed away in september of 2002 from complications with Multiple Sclerosis from which she suffered since she was 20. My mother was always a huge inspiration to me because of her strength and perserverence. More...

die tageszeitung von heute



Instrumentenkaputtmacher sind doof

Joe Czarnecki ist so eine Art Gott auf der akustischen Gitarre. Glauben Sie's einfach. Joe hat einen Musikerkollegen, Dirk Ronneburg, der in einer guten Americana Folkband, Cera Impala, die Violine spielt - spielte, um präzise zu sein. Ein paar miese Gestalten mussten ihn unbedingt auf dem Heimweg von einem Konzert überfallen. Ihm geht es so weit gut, der Violine jedoch nicht so. Damit er wieder ordentlich auf einem guten Instrument spielen kann, machen Joe Czarnecki und andere Folkmusiker heute ein Spendenkonzert. Es lohnt sich sehr, dahin zu gehen. Glauben Sie's einfach.

Dirk's Violin Benefit Concert

May 26th

It all starts at 21:00 sharp in Schokoladen - Ackerstr. 169 Berlin

This came together so fast thanks to Melissa at M-Soundtrack

So Spread the word - Facebook Event

Concert in the Nikolaikirche

If you tried to come to the Nikolaikirche and were turned away, or did come to the Nikolaikirche on the 20th, please contact me. I was told it was an open event and anyone could attend. Some people were let in while others weren't.

If you were there and made it through the talks, thank you so much for coming. I should have informed myself better as to what kind of an event it was before I invited everyone. I was just so excited to play in the oldest building in Berlin!

Help Keep this Fiddler Fiddlin!

    dirk's violin

    Dear friends,
    A good friend of mine was attacked walking home through Hasenheide park the other night. Fortunately he is ok but his violin didn't survive the encounter.

Tour and new videos!

I've started booking my first solo tour for July and September! I'm looking for shows all over Europe. If you would like to see me play or have venue reccomendations please contact me at:

joe (at) scheiningmusic (dot) com

I've also got some new videos up. Have a look here.

Until it's Over

To start things off in this new space I thought I'd put up a link for a free download of my song Until it's over. It didn't make it on my album but it's still one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it. Just click the arrow on the right of the player to download. Until It's Over by joe czarnecki

Hello World!

Well, here it is. I finally got around to making a website for my solo guitar stuff. I'll keep it updated with news, concerts, videos and whatever else comes along. So check back soon to see what I'm up to.


"Joe Czarnecki ist so eine Art Gott auf der akustischen Gitarre."
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